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Other Water Damage and Overflows in Marietta


Overflow Damages List: washing machines, dishwashers, clogged sink drain, icemakers, bathtubs, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, busted water heaters, foundation cracks


Flooding caused by fixtures overflowing can come from many different sources, when you need quick knowledgeable technicians to handle any type of water damage and overflows contact Southern Premium Restoration. We have the experience, equipment, and certified technicians available 27/4 to assist you as quickly as possible.


Our technicians are also trained and equipped to handle any of the followings:


  • Overflow from washing machines

  • Dishwasher leakage

  • Clogged sink drain

  • Leaks from ice makers

  • Bathroom tub overflow

  • Bathroom sink overflow

  • Kitchen sink overflow

  • Burst water heaters

  • Foundation cracks


Any other water damage and overflows related to bad weather such as:

  • Snow

  • Rain

  • Floods

  • Tornados


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