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Frozen Pipes in Marietta


Marietta Frozen Pipes: When water freezes in a pipe it expands and the pressure can cause the pipe to rupture. Water can seep into flooring and drywalls causing moisture, which will rot the wood between the wall and the floor.


Risky locations for frozen pipes:


  • Outside walls

  • Un insulated walls

  • Unheated crawl space

  • Attic

  • Garage

  • Basement


How to prevent a frozen pipes:


  • Leave faucet dripping

  • Insulate pipes

  • Place a dome cover on outside faucets and spigots


DO NOT use any open flame devices to defrost pipes.


In case of a burst pipe, shut off the water immediately and call an experienced professional like Marietta Water Damage Restoration that can handle the cleanup and drying process. Our experienced technicians know how to restore areas of water damage from walls, flooded basements, and crawl spaces.


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Marietta frozen pipes.

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