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Water damage restoration requires a prepared response.  We deliver educated discussions about your emergency situation, cleaned and calibrated equipment to do the job right, and very experienced technicians to quickly remove all standing and residual moisture.  


Some search online for water restoration company in Cobb County.  Ultimately, we prevent mold from taking over your home or business.


Water damage restoration in Cobby County, Georgia is what we do.

Frozen pipe repair sometimes means that there may be standing water. A burst water pipe disaster can be a hassle.  These pipes can be located in an attic, basement, walls, behind kitchen cabinets, utility room, or bathroom on an exterior wall.  At times, those frozen pipes can be slowly thawed withour rupture.  


Frozen pipe thawing and frozen pipe repair in Cobb County, Georgia is our business.

Water extraction in a kitchen, basement, living room, wood floors, crawlspaces, bathroom, commercial offices reqiures an immediate and prepared response.  Wet vac company or companies may have resulted in your search. 


Do it yourself? We can help. Take advantage of our free water extraction service when you rent dehumidifiers and fans for a minimum of three days.  


Water extraction in Cobb County, Georgia has a 27 minutes onsite response time.

Water cleanup must be performed quickly, but safely.  Should you need to stand in or near standing water or wet carpets, be sure not to touch any light switches, lamps or pipes overhead; there is risk of electrical shock.


 After the standing water has been cleaned up, the structure must be thoroughly dried to prevent moisture damage or mold growth.


Water cleanup (clean up) in Cobb County, Georgia also has a 27 minute onsite response time. 

Sewage cleanup (clean up) may not be sewage, but just contaminated water or black water.  Sewage is not automatically covered by insurance where contaminated water is!  Sewage cleanup needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Sewage damage is an extremely hazardous problem, because it contains bacteria and other fungi that can cause serious illnesses and discomfort.


Sewage cleanup in Cobb County, Georgia can also include the clean up of parasites in that nasty water. 

Toilet overflows should be taken seriously and be considered an emergency.  Water from a toilet overflow may contain viruses and bacteria that may cause serious illnesses. Our technicians have specialized training and equipment to quickly and safely clean toilet overflows. A toilet overflow can be from cleanwater or sewage sometimes recognized by a spot on your ceiling.


Toilet overflow in Cobby County, Georgia is the most common form of water damage here.

Flooded basments are sometimes finished and other times unfinished. Our team consistently checks for hidden wetness that can cause mold to grow. Our team of  trained and fully certified restoration technicians are capable of handling even the worst flooded basement.


Southern Premium Restoration has state of the art moisture detectors and infrared cameras to detect any hidden water in ceilings, walls, and concrete slabs which may lead to hazardous bacteria growth. 


Flooded basements and drying them out in Cobb County, Georgia is our specialty business

Equipment rental means that you have chosen  to do a few things yourself!!  Great!  Rent our dehumidifiers and fans.  Delivery and pickup service included.  We offer a full range of water restoration equipment for every scenario. Keep in mind that air movement is absolutely necessary with dehumidifier rental. 


Water damage equipment rental in Cobb County, Georgia would consist of dehumidifier rental, fans, air mover, air scrubbers, and even ozone machines for persitent odor issues.  


Do it yourself!!

Crawlspace cleanup takes a special company and technician to get under your home. Cralwspace flooding may include the need to remove the moisture barrier (plastic) and the wet insulation. Crawlspace cleanup requires a special technician.  In many cases, crawlspaces are low, small, and tightly spaced. We expect to see spiders, snakes, and other live critters. Yikes!! Our team has the experience and the heart to cleanup water or sewage or Cobb County.

Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning at a reasonable price. 


Carpet cleaning in Cobb County, Georgia at times require the need to clean up water in your squishy carpets from water damage.  Subject to the kind of pad and backing of the carpet, we can remove that unwated water and dryout your squishy carpet. We have the experience.

Insurance claims can be tricky if not properly documented from the start.  Each insurance company has its own temperment of insurance claim documentation and procedured to receive full payment.  Water damage is the greatest common denominator.  Fire damage brings firemen and their water-filled hoses.  Roofs leak water in ceilings and walls. Our staff is fully trained and will work directly with your insurance claims adjuster to ensure your claim is handled properly and efficiently.  


Home owner insurance claims in Cobb County, Georgia is our specialty.  

Flooding can come from many different sources, when you need quick knowledgeable technicians to handle any type of water damage and overflows contact Southern Premium Restoration. We have the experience, equipment, and certified technicians available 27/4 to assist you as quickly as possible.

We are on our way!

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